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Kampot Jewels by Fair Farms

We had a Dream, We Fulfilled it.

Long ago my mother gave me a postcard that she got from her father. It says « Be up to your ambition ». I’ve done my best to follow this simple yet powerful advice. With the help of my team and partners, we have been able to fulfill this dream that we are now living and sharing.

Our dream was simple. We wanted to create a community living in harmony in a small paradise in Asia while producing a top-quality product and respecting our nature. The iconic Kampot pepper was a perfect product and Khmer people so welcoming that we could not resist.

Fair Farms

Our name.
Our identity.

“Kampot Jewels” is the brand name of the range of organic peppers produced by Fair Farms Cambodia. The name stems from the exceptional quality of the pepper grown in the Kampot region in the Southern part of Cambodia, which makes it a precious spice renowned by chefs and gourmets around the world, and a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in the European Union. The various grain colors (green, red, black, white), which can be obtained naturally from the same peppercorn through different traditional processes, are reminiscent of finely polished gemstones that can be enjoyed whole or grounded (think diamond powder…). Our customers are high-end restaurants who value the exceptional quality of our product and share our socials values.

The name of our company – Fair Farms – is also a recognition of the significant contribution from our local team of 20 or so employees, who tirelessly perform all the tasks needed to grow this fabulous pepper: watering the trees (using underground water) in the dry season, removing the flowers of the young trees, digging holes to make room for natural fertilizer (cow dung), cutting the ever-growing grass to keep the insects from spreading, and not forgetting the once-a-year harvest. We acknowledge these remarkable efforts by providing our staff with a competitive salary, health insurance, a monthly food allowance and living quarters at the farm. This commitment has helped us maintain a stable team with a balanced mix of young and experienced farmers.

Our social commitment is not restricted to our local community. We have partnered with a Cambodian vocational pastry school located in Siem Reap, to which we give pepper to support their fundraising. The school trains pastry chefs but also provides jobs to local women who sow small Krama bags, which are then used to hold our Kampot pepper. These bags are then sold across different venues to raise money that is used by our partner “Bayon School” to give access to education to local kids who can’t afford it. Check their website to learn more, they deserve a few of your time.

Since 2014

Organic and Fair Trade. That’s the way it should be.

At Fair Farms we believe that Organic and Fair Trade should always be working together. It’s key for us to share those messages so we can improve the way resources are used and help farmers get better recognition for their work. As farmers, we respect those values.

Respect the people

Health insurance, accommodation, meals prepared by our amazing chef, holidays, team buildings, education… We improve our employees life. We are proud to be the first and only Fair For Life certified company in the country.
Respect the nature

Our manure is cow dung and bats guano. No pesticides, no chemicals allowed anywhere near us. We respect nature by producing 100% organic peppercorn.

Life Is Too Short For Average Food! We Produce Grands Crus Only!